end of part one

From blissful Piedmont to the hectic olive harvest – my trip started and finished in very different places but they had something in common: they both made me laugh. A lot. Proper laughter is of course crucial for health and happiness and had been notably absent from my life for long stretches since autumn 2010. … Continue reading


Happy memories of listening to this at the olive grove, the November sun on my back, appreciating the day

at the olive grove

From the cosy, safe Millington household to a black comedy about the world of volunteer farm workers. “Don’t worry ok, you’re not going to go blind” were among the first words I heard from a fellow volunteer after an olive branch scratched my eyeball. It was AGONY and unlike a cut or scratch on your … Continue reading

the house above the clouds

Spent a lovely fortnight in the Niccone Valley with the Millington family – parents Sally and Simon, who are English but lived in Japan and Singapore for many years, and three of their children (the fourth has left home), aged between 13 and 18. They live in a 400-year-old farmhouse and rent out neighbouring cottages … Continue reading